Battle axe of Ice +3

This blade will freeze your soul.

weapon (melee)

2D6 Dmg +1D6 Ice Dmg On a crit you a 20% chance of frezeeing your target. Save ends. After affect. Slowed save ends. Cost:13,000 Lvl 12. This sword amits a small white glow, and a very strong chill when removed from it’s sheath. The wearier and all allies are immune to it’s chill affects.

  • Moradin created this axe 400 years ago for his chosen. He made this axe so the dwarves would have weapon of there god to help free them from there Giant captors.. After the dwarves freedom the weapon was put on display for all to know and see Moradin’s love of is children. As the centuries pasted the axe and the first home of the dwarves was lost. Never to be seen again..

Battle axe of Ice +3

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